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What I’ve been up to lately

November 17, 2008 1 comment

I’m obviously a slacker blogger…. Just approved 2 messages from old friends (Hi Carolyn & Missy !) who stumbled onto this blog, and they were weeks old… Alas.

Here are some photos of things I’ve been working on in the studio–not finished though. Lots of glazing in my future…

First up: The giant pile o’ bisque:


I’ve been working on some new fluted forms (cups and serving dishes), and a few old standbys…xmas ornaments, baking dishes, etc.

Then there’s the result of this weekend’s marathon:


Candlesticks, more cups, small pitchers, handbuilt plates, tiles, pillow bud vases, and pieces/parts for 3 teapots. So…no more making until some glazing/firing gets done!

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